In the most ambitious karaoke club in Moscow!

There is the global karaoke project on Moscow ‘s map. It unites all creative outstanding people who are not afraid to excel and show vocal abilities during karaoke program


12 VIP rooms


Makes the space truly unique.


The best musicians, backing vocalists, DJ and sound engineers will help to make a world-class show out of your performance


Booking VIP rooms, from Monday to Thursday, sing without deposit

We are open for you daily from 5:00 pm to 6:00 am


From Monday to Thursday you can book VIP rooms without deposit.


From Monday to Thursday after table or hall booking get 30% discount of the order total amount

Feel free to sing with strangers? Feel free to sing with strangers? Empress Hall is ready to offer you one of 11 exclusive VIP rooms with unique design and capacity from 10 to 100 guests. The largest VIP room includes its own stage, dj-console, 5 plasma panels and even a separate lounge and bar counter! Guests from VIP – karaoke rooms can spend time in the Grand Hall according to the general rules and sing in the order of the general queue.

VIP - Halls are perfect for a wedding, a small corporate party, birthday party or just meeting friends. All rooms are equipped with professional AST-100 karaoke systems, plasma panels, soft sofas and are filled with Cousy aatmosphere of decent rest and homely warmth.

Rules and regulations

Guest has the right to:

  1. Rest in the club at any time convenient for him, corresponding to the time of the club.
  2. Bring his “backing tracks” (phonograms) to audio CDs, DVDs in mp3 format, USB flash drives and sing to them on club equipment.
  3. Contact the sound engineer for prompt adjustment of music.
  4. Transfer your turn to singing a song to another table or backing vocalists.
  5. Perform songs, one for each table, in a circle according to the numbering of the tables in the order of the live queue
  6. Sitting at the table guests from six person s and more can order two songs in a row.
  7. If the order amount on the table exceeds 30.000 rubles, then the guests at this table receive an additional song, but no more than one and in turn.

The club undertakes to:

  1. Daily working without holidays, weekend and breaks from 17.00 to 6.00.
  2. Timely providing to the clients all requested equipment for the vocal performances, food and beverages.
  3. Surely all guests’ requests fulfillment expect cases of company rules and legal laws violations.

The club has the right to:

  1. The club has the right to take measures to remove violators of public order, people who incorrectly behave in relation to other guests or employees of the club.
  2. Refuse without additional explanation for visiting the Club to an athlete who has not changed clothes after training, to persons with obvious signs of weapons or unkind intentions and for other reasons obvious to the Club, but possibly incomprehensible to the Guest.
  3. The club reserves the right to be closed during earthquakes, floods, avalanches, as well as various private club events, equated by the Club to natural disasters.

Guest agrees to:

  1. Guests undertake carefully handle the equipment and other inventory belongs to the Club (in particular don’t drop or knock microphones, don’t hit it, don’t approach the other equipment, don’t touch and don’t tune it by yourself).
  2. The guest undertakes not to bring alcoholic drinks, drugs, foodstuffs, weapons: cold, firearms and mass destruction to the Club.

In case of the rules violations causing material damage, the following penalties are provided:

  1. Fight utensils - in accordance with the established price.
  2. Damage to the glass table - 10,000 rub/ unit.
  3. The fall of the microphone through carelessness without loss of sound reproduction, strikes on a microphone or damage of microphone by hitting it on other things - 3500 rub/ unit.
  4. Careless handling of hookah, resulting in damage to carpet or upholstery of the sofa - 5,000 rubles.
  5. The fall of the microphone through carelessness without losing sound reproduction, hitting it or a microphone on any subject is a fine of 25,000 rub/unit
  6. Careless handling of fire or piercing-cutting cutlery, resulting in damage to upholstered furniture - 4500 rub/unit.

Order songs

  1. Selecting a song from the catalog, you must write down its number (without name) on the order form of songs. Next to the song, if necessary, indicate the change in pitch and tempo of the song, as well as the wishes for backing vocals. This sheet is given to the lead or backing vocalist, and the songs are queued.
  2. If, at the time of the song, there is no performer at the table, he skips his turn and waits for the next one.
  3. 3. The queue of the song is returned to the newly arrived table, if at this moment the next table performs the song.

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